OFX Money Transfers - Convert currency or send money overseas

Transfer money at competitive exchange rates with the OFX currency exchange service(s). OFX offers 24/7 customer service and money transfers with zero fees. You can send money to 197 countries and they have a number of offices around the world that offer services in the native language meaning you are able to seek help in both of the countries you are transferring money between.

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Looking for live rates to calculate foreign currency conversions? Go to www.exchange-rates.com where you will find currency charts, currency converter, historical exchange rates and access to money transfer comparisons.

Sending money overseas

If you convert a wage, pension, savings and investments you could benefit from competitive exchange rates offered by OFX. Sign up for a OFX account today.

Business Travel

If you are travelling for business purposes you will likely need to exchange money with a currency exchange. OFX can help you make frequent money transfers. Equally, if you prefer to transfer money in large amounts you will likely qualify for better exchange rates. Click here to sign up.

If your business transfers money to make large foreign purchases such as stock, imports, exports, etc. we recommend that you sign up for an OFX currency exchange account today. Not only will you qualify for competitive exchange rates and zero fees you will also have the option to transfer money using forward contracts. Forward contracts are currency exchange agreements to transfer a predetermined amount of money in the future at todays exchange rate enabling you to know with certainty the exchange rate for future transactions meaning you will not be caught out paying too much for business payments.

Moving abroad

If you are planning to move abroad, or you already have a second home abroad you will want to frequently exchange money. Open an OFX currency account and can benefit from competitive exchange rates. OFX can offer frequent currency transfers plus they can help you automate the process.